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modern cabins +
unique camp -ish digs


and yeah, that's really the view

located 10 minutes outside

Berkeley Springs, WV

check out our newest spot...

get away
+ come together.

As we’ve built out each unique cabin here at CPP, one guiding principle has been our North Star—creating a place to get away from your every day, and come together with groups of families, crews of friends, or meet perfect strangers. A place to sleep in or convince someone else to join in on catching the sunrise…to breathe in that cocktail of mountain air and freshly ground coffee…a place to take a hike, tube down a river, crush some bike trails, or pass out in a hammock…a spot to spark up the campfire, cheers to a cold local brew in a perfectly hot tub, and feel your humanity amongst an endless view of mountains, and a sky full of stars.

camp map

Camp Potomac Peak sits on 8-acres, tucked away on the side of a mountain. Most of the property has been left as natural woods. While the lodging sites sit relatively near each other, we've created elements of privacy at each location. 

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