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Got questions? If you don't see the answer below, email us!

  • What if I have a question, issue, or need help with something?
    We live just five minutes away from Camp Potomac Peak (and ten minutes from the Downtown Flat at Creekside), so if anything comes up where you might need assistance with something, we are almost always the ones you will interface with. Jeff is incredibly handy and can fix/solve most anything (but don't tell him I admitted that). We are both personally involved in ALL of the day-to-day operations at CPP, and we are available 24/7 (we provide our personal cell phone #'s upon arrival).
  • will we be roughing it?
    If wifi, indoor plumbing, and air conditioning is roughing it, then sure. We call ourselves a "camp," but every unit has all the modern amenities you could ask for. And if all that woodsy-ness isn't really your thing, stay at our newest spot in the heart of downtown! It's located right along a flowing stream, so you can still feel like you're one with nature. Click on the "stay" tab to dive deeper into what each unit offers.
  • are there bugs? snakes? bears?
    yep. possibly. occasionally. We do our best to keep nature on the outside of the units, but we are in the woods...
  • can i bring my dog?
    The Cabin and the Cedar are both dog friendly! A pet fee applies ($75), which covers extra cleaning and a donation to the local humane society. We provide some dog essentials (bowls, blankets, towels, poop bags). In an effort to provide spaces for those with pet allergies, we don't allow dogs in the Lodge.
  • how about privacy?
    All of our units share the same driveway, but we've taken measures to make each as private as possible. Please do note that the Lodge and the Cedar are fairly close to each other (at the very top of the driveway), and both are fairly near the shared outdoor lounge area. Up at the common lounge...or around the yard...or in a tree swing...or at the Trading Post (store/library)...these are all areas to come together, and meet your fellow guests. We ask that our guests be respectful of quiet hours from 10pm-8am. At our downtown spot--the Flat at Creekside--there are no quiet hours to worry about. It's located above a local market/deli that we are running, so come pop in and say hi!
  • can i start a fire?
    We provide all the essentials (wood, starters, lighters) for having your own private outdoor campfire at each unit. If you're feeling social, a larger, communal firepit is located in the common area at the top of the driveway by the ski lift swing. We always let guests know when conditions are too dry and windy for campfires.
  • what can we do in the area?
    You may never want to leave Camp, but if you do, check out the ACTIVITIES tab. We've put together a pretty comprehensive list of our favorite to-do's. There's also a printed copy in each unit. Our downtown spot is walkable to everything in town.
  • is there somewhere to charge my electric vehicle?
    We're considering installing an EV charging station, but for now, we have outdoor outlets available at the Cabin and the Lodge for slow charging. However, fast charging stations can be found within a 15-minute drive at multiple locations. If you're staying at the Downtown Flat at Creekside, there are charging stations within walking distance at the Country Inn.
  • what are your cleaning policies?
    We take pride in keeping every unit in immaculate shape. All linens (and yes--even duvet covers and throw blankets!) are washed in-between every guest. We use all-natural cleaning products and disinfectants, and adhere to sustainable housekeeping protocols. Keeping our units clean, our guests safe, and the planet green is our top priority.
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